Waterless Glass Aroma Diffuser

Clean scenting without the need of water.

• Scenting freedom by not having to refill with water for every use.
• Easily control your preferred scent strength and mist with a simple turn of a dial.
• Walk in, scent on, and walk away. Transform your space in one easy motion.

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  • Glass reservoir/ceramic cover and real wood base
  • 20ml glass reservoir - waterless
  • 2-hour 1-minute on/2-minute off run time
  • 500 sqft of diffusing coverage
  • 2-level brightness warm mood light
  • Auto power-off
  1. Fill the glass reservoir below the micro tubes with 100% pure essential oil
  2. Put the glass cap back on along with the ceramic cover
  3. Turn the control knob clockwise and enjoy
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Naturally, Elegant.

How our diffuser can change your life

An Experience For Your Wellness

Get away from the nasty chemicals produced by artificial scents and sprays.

Save yourself the cost of having to replace your candles when they run out.

Enjoy the peace of mind leaving your diffuser on at night for a better sleep.

Feel the comfort knowing it's environmentally friendly and safe around kids and pets.

set the mood, anytime, anywhere

Transform Your Own Space

Free yourself and take advantage of the countless benefits that our diffusers and essential oils can bring to your health.

Relax and use our diffuser in a practical way and experience the positive effects. From a better sleep, to more energy or just an overall boost of focus, our essential oils can help achieve that.

Take control of your wellness.